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Alvin Cheung
For proving that patience, drive and a generous spirit can change lives

Alvin Cheung

Location: Hong Kong

Stroke victims get a new lease of life with HandyRehab robotic gloves, which allow manually challenged users to hold cups, use smartphones or open doors—while collecting data for therapists. Initially, though, it was a tough sell. Alvin Cheung and partners cold-called potential customers, then redesigned their prototype according to feedback. The result is an affordable robotic solution for partially paralysed people, and confirmation of Alvin’s belief that “business is a force for social good”.

Tee, cardigan and sneakers by Salvatore Ferragamo.  

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We want to make rehabilitation look cooler. A lot of the time, products look like a huge, industrial piece of metal, so a lot of the patients—particularly elderly patients—don’t like wearing it after they’ve had a stroke. Some refuse to use the technology even though it’s really useful.

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