Galxe announced GAL token staking in its statement today. By staking GAL tokens, users will be able to unlock many special rewards in Galxe Earn.

Investors who can access Galxe Earn, a guiding platform on how to carry out airdrop campaigns, with GAL staking will also be able to participate in specially organized airdrop campaigns. This is expected to establish an unshakable bond between staking and reward mechanisms. This change will create a mechanism where more than 18 million users will interact more with the ecosystem and gain more profit from the system.

Powered by Galxe Quest, Galxe Earn will establish a direct connection between projects and crowds including stakers, NFT buyers, token holders and social media followers. This program, which enables projects to organize campaigns for their followers and investors, from “Whitelist” gains to the right to participate in airdrops and many special rewards, will seriously expand the reach of the ecosystem.

“We are committed to decentralization and user power”

Harry Zhang, founder of Galxe, stated that the GAL staking feature is a long-awaited development by the ecosystem and said:

“We think that thanks to this system, the community will gain benefits by interacting with the platform. By staking GAL, users will be able to access pool rewards in Galxe Earn. They will also have the right to vote, which we see as very critical to the governance system. This will give them the initiative in making strategic decisions. All of these actions once again show our commitment to ecosystems and decentralization that progress with user decisions.”

A total of up to 5 million dollars will be awarded.

Galxe Earn’s initial prize pool includes several partnerships with Arbitrum, Polyhedra and Merlin. In this sense, a reward of 5 million dollars will be distributed to users.

Staking will be easy and hassle-free

The interface for GAL staking on Galxe’s website will also be easy and simple. Information regarding staking movements will be provided clearly with the user-friendly panel. This convenience will also pave the way for users to work comfortably with the platform. The panel will allow users to easily view their staking history and perform all their activities simply.

All these conveniences are expected to increase user participation. Thanks to the simple system, investors will be able to make informed decisions using real-time data.

Governance will also be decentralized

Along with GAL staking, Galxe is also making a significant improvement in its governance system. If this proposal is approved, voting rights will be given only to users who stake GAL, further democratizing the platform’s decision-making process.

The governance change vote is now live and all stakers can participate in the discussion and vote. You can also find more detailed information on the subject at the Galxe Governance Forum.

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