Midas company, which managed to gain a large investor base in Turkey by offering investments in both Turkish and many foreign stocks, announced that it received an investment of 45 million dollars. In the statement; “By receiving a record $45 million “Series A” investment from global investors, we have become the financial technology company that received the largest early stage investment in Turkey.”

The company that contributed the most to the investment tour was Canada-based Portage Ventures. The other new investor in the round was IFC, the investment arm of the World Bank. Spark Capital, Earlybird Digital East Fund and Revo Capital, which are among Midas’ past investors, also repeated their investments in this round.

Cryptocurrency option is also coming

One of the most important announcements made by the company in this statement was about cryptocurrencies. Speaking on the subject, company CEO Egem Eraslan said:

“With this investment, I think we have again demonstrated our determination to become the only mobile application for all Midas investment needs. The fact that the world’s largest funds have invested so heavily in Midas shows the trust they have in Midas. Our biggest goal is for our users to have the lowest commissions and the smoothest experience in all investment products. In the coming days, you will be able to invest in crypto assets and TEFAS funds, as well as Turkish and American stock markets, via Midas. “With the support provided by this investment, we will accelerate the transformation in the Turkish investment ecosystem.”

Nasdaq’tan tebrik

The investment received by Midas was also featured on the Nasdaq billboard in New York. Nasdaq exchange congratulated Midas for the investment it received.

It was published:

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