Switzerland, where shopping can be done with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and USDT, in various regions, is preparing to take a much bigger step. A group of Bitcoin supporter institutions, led by 2B4C, a non-profit think tank, announced that the Swiss National Bank should buy Bitcoin and that they will initiate the constitutional referendum process required for this.

100 thousand signatures required

Yves Bennaim, the president of the organization, told the country’s media: “We think this is a step that must be taken for Switzerland to preserve its sovereignty and neutrality in the financial world. “In order for this situation to come true, a constitutional referendum must be held and we are preparing the necessary documents,” he said.

100 thousand signatures are required to put forward a constitutional proposal on the subject. It is stated that this rate, which corresponds to 1.15% of Switzerland with a population of 8.7 million, is not difficult to achieve, but although the organization offered a similar offer in 2021, this rate could not be achieved. 100 thousand signatures must be captured within 18 months.

There is a meeting on April 26

Luzius Meisser, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, a Bitcoin-focused platform, also announced that he would support the proposal. It was stated that Meisser will also hold a meeting with Swiss National Bank officials on the issue on April 26.

Meisser’s proposal to abandon the $1.1 billion worth of German government bonds that the central bank receives monthly in March 2022 and buy Bitcoin instead was also rejected by the institution.

“If others start buying, the price will rise.”

Speaking on the subject, Meisser said, “If the central banks of other countries start buying Bitcoin, the costs may increase in the future for the Swiss National Bank. “It should not be late,” he said.

“ETFs can help”

Leon Curti, director of the research company Digital Asset Solutions in the country, also stated that they would support the proposal and said, “ETFs accepted in the USA and Hong Kong may make the Swiss National Bank change its mind.”

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