While the short and long-term impact of the halving, which occurs every 4 years in Bitcoin, on the price is a matter of curiosity, two important cryptocurrency companies have published analyses. QCP Capital, one of these companies, stated that the rise should be waited for a while longer.

Analysts of the Singapore-based company emphasized past halving periods in their latest report:

“In the previous 3 halvings, spot prices generally increased within 50 to 100 days. “If the same path is followed, we can say that Bitcoin investors will have to wait this long.”

QCP analysts also commented on altcoins and meme coins and stated that a short position liquidation may also occur in the short term:

“There was regular negative funding in altcoins and meme coins. There was nearly 100% negative. “There may be a hard liquidation situation for short positions.”

Bitfinex analysts: Imbalance drives out price

Analysts of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex said that the imbalance between daily demand and the falling gap will be the main factor that will increase the price:

“Halving will ensure that Bitcoin worth $30-40 million will be included in the supply every day from now on. However, demand is at the level of 150 million dollars per day and this creates a serious imbalance. “The supply-demand imbalance will be the main factor that will cause the price to go up.”

Bitfinex analysts also stated that geopolitical crises in the Middle East will also be important to give an idea in the long term as to whether Bitcoin is seen as a digital gold.

It was published:

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