Upbit exchange announced the listing of BIGTIME and Akash (AKT) this morning. The two coins rose sharply after the announcement. Akash saw a price of $6.75, up more than 63%. BIGTIME, which recorded a more limited rise, rose above $ 0.26.

In the statement of the exchange, it was noted that BIGTIME token will be listed in Bitcoin and USDT parity, and AKT will be listed in Korean won as well as Bitcoin and USDT.

South Korea, which is one of the most and most aggressively traded countries in the world, especially in terms of altcoins, plays a leading role in the sharp increase in the volumes of some coins.

In the country, where positive steps have been taken regarding Web3 recently, many small and medium-sized exchanges had to close down due to harsh regulations 2 years ago.

It was published:

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Source: https://uzmancoin.com/bigtime-akasht-kripto-upbit-token/

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