Bitcoin altcoins continue to consolidate in a narrow range BTC’Michael van de Poppe, who thinks that he is more ready for the rise compared to altcoinHe also shared the levels to follow.

Skale (SKL), Polygon (MATIC), Sei (SEI) and Polakadot’u (DOT) Reviewing Poppe first evaluated SKL.

1-Scale (SKL):

Stating that the markets seem troubled, Poppe said that he expects new upward momentum from Ethereum for SKL.

“I’m probably looking forward to new momentum coming from ETH.

In this case, SKL is doing well and holding on strongly before getting back on its feet.”

2-Polygon (MATIC):

Successful analyst, one of the few favorite altcoins MATIC He said the picture was shameful. Stating that MATIC has significantly underperformed, Poppe stated that he expects the MATIC price to decrease by another 30%.

“The situation at MATIC is absolutely disgraceful.

It vastly underperformed.

“I might be interested if it drops another 30% to see if it turns from there, but I would say there are different, better opportunities out there.”

3- Six (SIX):

Stating that Sei shows tremendous strength, the analyst expects investors’ interest in SEI to increase as it has fallen approximately 60% from its peak.

“There is tremendous strength in SEI and it is also one of the most declining.

“SEI is down 60% from the previous high, which is of significant interest to investors.”

4- Polakadot (DOT):

Stating that Polkadao experienced a rapid rise and fall, Poppe said that it would take some time for DOT to rise again and that his target was $ 20 for the third quarter.

“Polkadot had a significant spike but was corrected backwards.

From here it usually takes a while for the next leg to occur upwards.

“Strong response, we expect to see $20 in the third quarter.”

*This is not investment advice.

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