Market research firm K33 Research, Mt. Gox warned that sales could push prices down.

In its latest report, the company stated, “Mt. Gox coins may have a negative impact on prices in the coming weeks. Mt. Gox trustee updated the BTC and BCH amounts to be repaid to creditors. Users saw a similar update for JPY on March 15, and some creditors subsequently reported receiving refunds in fiat. “If the same situation occurs here, the debt of 142 thousand BTC will start to be paid to creditors within the next month.” he said.

142 thousand BTC is worth approximately 9 billion 500 million dollars at current prices. Additionally, an amount of BCH equivalent to the number of these Bitcoins will also be distributed. It is feared that some of the creditors may sell the relevant coins after they receive them.

On the other hand, in the report, Mt. Stating that Gox repayments may frighten the market in the short term, “Creditors may also choose to keep the funds. Therefore, refunds may not necessarily mean sales pressure.” It was said.

Mt., which was the largest Bitcoin exchange when it was in operation. Gox alone controlled 80 percent of the market. The exchange was founded in 2010 and was active until its closure in 2014. Mt., which suffered a major hacking attack last year. Gox went bankrupt as a result. After years of legal proceedings, Mt. It was decided to refund Gox customers.

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