According to Sözcü, MHP member Vedat Soner, who took over the municipal administration from AKP in the March 31 local elections, requested an audit to examine the accounts against the municipality’s debts.

This audit request Bitcoin (BTC) The detail attracted attention.

In the news, it was stated that Bitcoin was purchased with the money collected from the public for public housing in Gümüşhane during the reign of former AKP mayor Ercan Çimen.

Allegedly, during the reign of AK Party member Ercan Çimen, the municipality announced that it would implement the luxury Yaşam Evleri project, consisting of 729 residences and 112 workplaces, and collected a certain amount of money from many land owners.

However, allegedly, it was to be valued with the money collected from the rights holders. Bitcoin was purchased and the promised construction was not carried out. MHP’s Vedat Soner Başer, who became the new mayor after the March 31 elections, requested an investigation from the Court of Accounts about what happened.

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