Taiwan was shaken by a series of earthquakes, the strongest of which reached a magnitude of 6.3 with the epicenter in Hualien, in the east of the island, according to the Central Meteorological Agency. In recent hours, earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 6.0 have been recorded near the east coast of Taiwan.

These aftershocks are part of a recent wave of more than two dozen earthquakes of at least magnitude 4.0 along the east coast of Taiwan in the past 24 hours. Fortunately, none of these recent earthquakes generated a tsunami.

The epicenter of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Taiwan on April 3 was located precisely in Hualien, leaving at least 17 dead and more than 1,100 injured. Today’s first tremor, of magnitude 5.5, occurred at 9 GMT and was felt in the capital, Taipei, according to the meteorological agency.

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A series of aftershocks followed the initial tremor, with the strongest movements recorded around 18 GMT, according to AFP reporters. The Central Meteorological Agency indicated that the most intense shaking had a magnitude of 6.0, followed six minutes later by another of magnitude 6.3. The United States Geological Survey reported that these earthquakes had magnitudes of 6.1 and 6, respectively.

Taiwan routinely experiences seismic activity due to its location near the junction of two tectonic plates. After the earthquake of April 3, hundreds of aftershocks have been recorded. This quake was the strongest in Taiwan since the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that hit the island in September 1999, leaving 2,400 dead.

Despite the frequency of earthquakes in Taiwan, the effects on the island’s 23 million people have been relatively contained thanks to excellent disaster preparedness, including strict building regulations and extensive public earthquake education campaigns, they note. The experts.

Source: https://reporteasia.com/sociedad/2024/04/22/serie-temblores-sacuden-taiwan-incluido-magnitud-63/

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