recently altcoin positively affecting the price of the altcoin regarding their posts and statements. Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik ButerinA new post came from .

Finally Zcash (ZEC) Talking about the altcoin named Vitalik Buterin, he caused the ZEC price to move upwards.

Buterin responded to a user’s post while talking about Zcash in his post from his X account.

At this point, a user asked Vitalik Buterin “why didn’t he raise money for Zcash even though he attaches so much importance to privacy?” asked.

Buterin, who did not ignore user

Zcash should have off-chain managed RPGF rounds issued every year (or perhaps an indirect process where you select some voters off-chain who will then vote anonymously)

“Conservative on technology, insistent on privacy, experimental on economics” would be a great niche for Zcash. “

After Buterin’s post, it rose to over 24 dollars. ZEC At the time of writing, it continues to be traded at $ 23.8.

*This is not investment advice.

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