The SEC approved it in January. spot Bitcoin ETFeyes after Ethereum Converted to ETFs. In the first months ETH While the approval of ETFs was considered certain, this possibility has decreased recently.

Because most of the analysts said that the SEC in May Ethereum ETFWhile he thinks he probably won’t approve ‘s, here’s a comment on ETH ETFs: ETF analyst Nate Geraci‘the came.

Sharing from his X account, Geraci stated that the general opinion in the market is that Ethereum ETFs will not be approved in May and that he agrees with this idea.

At this point, ETF Store president Nate Geraci, who thinks that ETH ETFs will not be approved in May, said that the reason for this is the lack of communication between ETF issuers and the SEC.

Finally, SEC’s spotlight BTC Saying that he wondered whether he had learned the necessary lesson from the ETF approval process, Geraci stated that if the SEC does not approve Ethereum ETFs, the issuer companies may sue the SEC.

“Ethereum ETFs are eerily quiet…

The consensus is that the SEC will not approve it in May. Reason = lack of interaction with issuers.

Logic says this is true, but it also makes one wonder if the SEC has learned from the clown show by using BTC ETFs.

“In either case, the options are to either approve or sue.”

*This is not investment advice.

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