Developed by Coinbase and Ethereum is a layer-2 scaling solution for Jesse Pollak, founder of Base He talked about meme tokens.

Speaking at an event held in New York recently, Jesse Pollak stated that cryptocurrencies can reach a wider audience thanks to mem tokens.

“One thing that really stands out to us is that today we see mem tokens bringing thousands of people into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. I also think mem tokens are the key to entering the cryptocurrency market.

At this point we are excited to see more Base-based meme tokens proliferate to help connect the world to the chain. “

Growth in mem tokens and transactions on Base in mid-March Ethereum Noting that Dencun increased after the upgrade and reduced fees on layer 2 networks, Pollak said that currently the most popular mem token on Base is experiencing a huge price explosion. BRETT said that.

Besides BREET, other popular meme tokens on the Base network also include DEGEN ve TOSHI It is located.

*This is not investment advice.

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