The Binance exchange, which is struggling with regulatory problems in many countries and jurisdictions around the world and has been talked about with a $4.5 billion fine in the USA, has also been blocked by the Philippines.

Especially in the country where crypto-gaming platforms are widely used and crypto adoption is quite high, the SEC sent a letter to Google and Apple companies.

In letters dated April 19 and sent separately to the two companies, the SEC requested the removal of Binance and other applications affiliated with it from the AppStore and Play Store.

As you may remember, the Binance exchange was banned in the Philippines in March last year. In its statement, the institution stated that Binance did not have the necessary permissions to sell investment contracts.

SEC chairman Emilio Aquino said in his statement: “As the SEC, we have determined that there is still demand for Binance and its affiliated sites and access to their websites. “These are sites that put Filipinos’ money and euros at risk,” he said.

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