Cryptocurrency funds continue to see sales as it is certain that the Fed will not increase interest rates at its meeting on May 1. There was a net outflow of 206 million dollars in funds last week.

Loss from Ether funds for the 6th time in a row

According to Coinshares’ weekly report, the biggest share here was Bitcoin, as always. There was an outflow of $192 million from Bitcoin funds. Ethereum funds closed the 6th week in a row with losses. Ether funds ended the week with a loss of $34 million.

Important investments in 3 altcoins…

Despite the big outflows in Bitcoin and Ether, the investments seen in some altcoins last week continued. Litecoin funds received a net $3.2 million. The figure for LTC funds since the beginning of the month is 9.2 million dollars. While Polkadot funds received an investment of $1.5 million, the investment received since the beginning of the month has increased to $2.9 million. The surprise of the week came from Chainlink funds. LINK funds received an investment of $1.7 million.

Grayscale finally lowers its transaction fee

Grayscale company closed the week again with a net loss of 450 million dollars. The company, which could not prevent outflows, lastly announced that the transaction fee in the Mini Bitcoin Fund would be 0.15%. Although the transaction fee on the GBTC fund has not decreased, the company announced that it will allocate 10 percent of the GBTC fund to the mini fund. Experts state that this move by Grayscale has been suggested as a solution to the fund outflows that have been unstoppable for months.

BlackRock closed last week with a surplus of $165 million, while Fidelity closed with a surplus of $94 million, extinguishing the outflow in ETFs, albeit slightly.

Net outflows from US ETFs were $244 million on a weekly basis.

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