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Trailblazers Meet The Filipino Creatives On The Gen.T List 2021

Meet The Filipino Creatives On The Gen.T List 2021

Nadine Lustre | Photo: Dookie Ducay
Nadine Lustre | Photo: Dookie Ducay
By Lauren Golangco
September 18, 2021
Get to know six creatives from the Philippines on this year's Gen.T List

These six honourees are making serious waves in the Philippine art scene. Meet the Filipino creatives on the Gen.T List 2021 and learn more about the achievements that won them a place on this year's list.

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1/6 Dominic Cu Unjieng Bekaert

Dominic Cu Unjieng Bekaert
Dominic Cu Unjieng Bekaert

For his innovations in multimedia entertainment

Co-founder and president, ZooPraxiStudio

ZooPraxiStudio is an audiovisual production house that pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling, making projects that cut through both locally and internationally. The company, co-founded with Dominic Bekaert, was celebrated for the 2020 visual album it created for Philippine actor and musician Nadine Lustre’s album Wildest Dreams, produced during lockdown by a skeleton team in two and a half months.

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2/6 Antoinette Jadaone

Antoinette Jadaone
Antoinette Jadaone

For giving young filmmakers a voice

Film director and co-founder, Project 8 Projects

Antoinette Jadaone is an award-winning film director and producer, with credits including That Thing Called Tadhana (2014), Alone/Together (2019) and Fan Girl (2020), the last of which swept the board at the Metro Manila Film Festival, including the Best Director award. In a bid to gain creative freedom over the films she makes, she paired up with filmmaker Dan Villegas in 2017 to start production company Project 8 Projects, through which she also hopes to support other Filipino storytellers.

3/6 Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre | Photo: Dookie Ducay
Nadine Lustre (Photo: Dookie Ducay)

For making her mark in entertainment, fashion and beauty

Actor and Singer

Actor Nadine Lustre has earned acclaim for film and television work including Diary ng Panget (2014), On the Wings of Love (2015) and Never Not Love You (2018). She is also a popular musician, whose latest album, Wildest Dreams, took the Philippines by storm for being the country’s first visual album. Upon its release, the album was featured on iTunes’ top charts in countries across Asia.

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4/6 Quiccs Maiquez

Quiccs Maiquez
Quiccs Maiquez

For his desirable designs, from toys to clothes

CEO and designer, Quiccs Trading and creative director, Burnwater Design Studios

Designer Quiccs Maiquez makes cool, limited-edition products like toys and art, often inspired by childhood passions, that have proved a big hit internationally. To date, his greatest achievement is his two-year partnership to design shoes, clothing and toys with Adidas, a brand he has loved since his teens. He is also the creative director of the multidisciplinary design studio Burnwater.

5/6 Isabel Reyes Santos

Isabel Santos | Photo Joseph Pascual
Isabel Santos (Photo: Joseph Pascual)

For drawing out the beauty in everyday cultural ephemera


Isabel Reyes Santos takes the offcuts of culture and mines them for gold. The artist specialises in repurposing, reconfiguring and recombining, to dramatic and sometimes disjunctive effect, images and icons from western popular culture, including comics, adverts and old Hollywood. In 2021, she beat more than 10,000 other entries to win the Uniqlo UT Grand Prix T-shirt design competition, a partnership with New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

6/6 Jorge Wieneke

Jorge Wieneke | Photo: Ryo Yoshiya
Jorge Wieneke | Photo: Ryo Yoshiya

For using music to make a difference

Musician and Educator

Electronic music educator, DJ and producer Jorge Wieneke is founder of various creative ventures that all put the emphasis on inclusivity and social impact. They include electronic music collective and record label BuwanBuwan; Philippines-based international virtual music venue Club Matryoshka; and creative music production and mentorship programme Cosmic Sonic Arts.

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