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The Gen.T List Samson Young
Samson Young
The Arts

Samson Young

Multimedia artist
Location: Hong Kong

With a keen eye for visuals and formal training in music composition, Samon Young is one of Hong Kong’s most sought out musical composers. His work, frequently political in nature, address themes of Hong Kong’s military history and the lasting impact Hong Kong’s British colonial history has left on the average Hong Konger. Samson’s music manifests itself across a variety of media and disciplines, from symphony orchestra composition amusement to multi-channel video art—including one in which he’s dressed as the red Teletubby.

In last year’s 57th Venice Biennale he represented Hong Kong. For his 2015 exhibition titled “For Whom the Bell Tolls: A Journey Into the Sonic History of Conflict” which focused on bells and their status as both a symbol of peace and strife, he became the first winner of BMW’s Art Journey award. Prior to that, in 2007 he was the the first Hong Kong artist to receive the Bloomberg Emerging Artist Award for his work, The Happiest Hour, a collection of Nintendo Game Boy-inspired audiovisual installations with Christopher Lau. His video works currently on display at MOCA Taipei's Spectrosynthesis exhibition, which is being dubbed the first LGBTQ exhibition at a major, government-run museum in Asia.

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