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Kevin Ma
Retail & E-Commerce

Kevin Ma

Founder and CEO, Hypebeast
Location: Hong Kong

Amassing an average of 5746 million page views per month, Hypebeast has come a long way since Kevin founded the site as a sneakercentred passion project in 2005. Originally created as a news hub for everything to do with fashion, music and street culture, the trainer-wearing entrepreneur’s baby is now a global phenomenon with tentacles that reach into music, magazines and retail—and it has turned him into a global tastemaker in the process. Kevin is now at the helm of Hypebeast Ltd that oversees several ventures in addition to Hypebeast, including Popbee, Hypebae, Hypekids, Hypemaker and HBX. Recently, Hypebeast went public to the tune of HK$65 million, proving that the capital worth of cool should never, ever be underestimated.

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