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Jamie Chiu

Jamie Chiu

Co-founder, The Brightly Project
Location: Hong Kong

Jamie dreams of a world where everyone grows up happy about who they are and has compassion for those around them. What sets her apart is her determination to make that dream come true. With a doctorate in clinical psychology under her belt, Jamie is at the helm of start-up The Brightly Project, formerly Lulio (co-founded with Mark Altosaar), a company that harnesses the power of technology to help troubled teens, detect adolescent depression, and prevent bullying and suicide. By taking a teen’s favourite pastime of mobile games, but designing them specifically to help improve emotional awareness, build resiliency and foster compassion, Jamie has forged a new world of support and education for those who really need it. Worthy stuff, indeed.

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Almost all Asian families prioritise academic achievement over a child’s mental health. Most of the time, parents will only bring their child in to see a psychologist if it’s affecting their grades
On an evolutionary basis, humans have been designed to envy their peers, as this makes them strive harder. Although evolution obviously wasn’t anticipating the tech age.
[Social media] filters in particular are leading to a dangerous trend where people feel insecure about not being as beautiful as their own filtered selves.

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