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The Gen.T List Andy Chan
Andy Chan
Finance & Venture Capital
For empowering early-stage businesses with access to quick capital

Andy Chan

Co-founder and CEO, Qupital
Location: Hong Kong

Unpaid invoices can cripple early-stage small businesses before they’ve had the chance to get off the ground. This is where Qupital comes in. Co-founded and headed by Andy, it helps small enterprises raise capital against their receivables with just a few clicks, improving their liquidity and helping them navigate the cashflow minefield. In 2018, Qupital launched a strategic partnership with Alibaba.

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One thing I learnt is to speak to as many people in the space of your venture about your idea as possible to gauge interest from potential co-founders, but also to get a feel for the initial viability of your project
The future is data. We don’t just link up with a small business; we link up the service providers working with them
There are many fast-growing economies in Southeast Asia, but at the same time the financial structure is still lagging behind developed regions like Hong Kong and other parts of the world

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