Keonne Rodriguez, one of the founders of the Bitcoin wallet Samourai Wallet, which was seen as a mixer by some and a privacy-protecting application by others, did not accept the charges against her and was released by the court on a $1 million bond.

will not be able to operate

Rodriguez will be available in select locations in Pennsylvania and New York. He will also have to carry a device that shows his location with him at all times. The Samourai founder will appear before the judge once again on May 14. Rodriguez was also prohibited from making direct or indirect cryptocurrency transactions.

Request for 20 prison sentences…

On the other hand, no decision has been made for Samourai Wallet technology manager William Hill, who was arrested in Portugal on the same day as Rodriguez, as he has not yet appeared in court. It is stated that extradition proceedings are still ongoing for Hill. There is a 20-year prison sentence for both executives, based on allegations of money laundering.

As it is known, the authorities took Samourai Wallet’s servers in Iceland under control. The Office of Foreign Assets Control, which is affiliated with the US Treasury Department, also banned two mixer applications, Blender and Tornado Cash, last year.

The events received a great reaction from the cryptocurrency world.

US officials claim that the hacker group Lazarus, especially affiliated with North Korea, launders money through such applications and that North Korea’s nuclear program is supported through the money laundered there.

The Samourai Wallet website has also been seized by the US Department of Justice…

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