a leading one cryptocurrency having a stock exchange OKon the Jumpstart Mining platform RUNECOIN’in (RSIC-GENESIS-RUNE) announced its launch.

OKX Launches RUNECOIN (RSIC-GENESIS-RUNE) on Jumpstart Mining Platform

The mining event will start at 10:00 on April 29, 2024 and will allow BTC holders to stake their BTC in exchange for RUNECOIN tokens.

The OKX Jumpstart Mining initiative offers users the opportunity to earn staking rewards by participating in the mining process. Staking rewards are calculated in real time and can be withdrawn at any time, providing users with flexibility and liquidity.

According to the staking rewards calculation formula provided by OKX, users will receive rewards based on the amount of BTC they staked based on the total amount staked and tokens released per minute. The BTC staking and redemption process is simple with clear instructions provided by OKX.

To stake BTC, users simply transfer their BTC to their funding account in the OKX official app, go to the Grow section, and click on Jumpstart.

Once mining begins, users can click Stake, enter the desired amount of BTC and confirm to begin mining RUNECOIN tokens.

Similarly, withdrawing BTC is also a hassle-free process and allows users to release their staked BTC at any time and the funds will be automatically refunded to their funding accounts.

Additionally, OKX ensures that tokens staked as rewards are automatically distributed to users’ funding accounts within two hours after the mining event ends.

The launch of RUNECOIN on OKX’s Jumpstart Mining platform marks a significant step towards decentralization and innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

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