Tron founder and Ethereum investor Justin Sun became the highest individual gainer in the airdrop organized by re-stake protocol EigenLayer. Sun alone was entitled to receive 3 million 620 thousand EIGEN, but this is not surprising.

$3.33 billion worth of ETH was locked

The founder of Tron had taken action months ago for the token called EIGEN, which EigenLayer will launch next month. Sun, who withdrew his ETH from other protocols at the beginning of February, invested all of it in EigenLayer. The amount he deposited was 1 million 350 thousand ETH, which was equivalent to 3.33 billion dollars at that day’s price. When the amount was large, the reward was also large.

Sun’s sole purchase of a significant portion of the token to be distributed caused reaction from small investors. Some users criticized EigenLayer’s policy.

EIGEN will be on the market with an initial supply of 1.67 billion units. 45 percent of this supply is allocated to the community. EIGEN is expected to be listed on stock exchanges on May 10. The project received an investment of $100 million from Andreessen Horowitz, one of the largest investment companies in the USA, in February.

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