Customers of a cryptocurrency exchange who could not withdraw their money came to the door of the exchange en masse. Chocolates were given by the management to users who could not receive their money. Interesting events and images from Russia… The name of the stock exchange is Beribit…

It all started when Russian police raided Beribit’s office after the terrorist attack in Moscow last month. The police broke the door on the 52nd floor and carried out an intense search in the office. It was stated that the search was related to the financing of terrorists from abroad.

Cryptocurrency investors who could not withdraw their money raided the stock exchange office

Later, customers realized that they could not withdraw money from their accounts. Users who requested the return of their assets frozen by the stock exchange did not receive any results. Thereupon, the users came together and went to the stock exchange office en masse. Some in the crowd said there was no money in the accounts and no cash in the stock exchange offices. Customers barricaded the exits of the office and did not allow employees to leave the office.

Payment was promised, chocolate was distributed

While Beribit officials promised that payments would be made, office workers distributed chocolates to users who came to collect their money. The latest information is that some customers have started to receive payments and approximately 350 thousand dollars have been paid to 41 customers so far. It is said that the amount yet to be paid is close to 5 million dollars.

Those moments were captured like this:

It was published:

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