Sponsor of Barcelona and Trabzonspor WhiteBIT TR Cryptocurrency Exchange now in Turkey. As one of the largest exchanges in Europe, the exchange, which continues its operations with its expert team in Turkey, creates a hurricane effect with its secure blockchain Whitechain and its own cryptocurrency WBT, and wins the hearts of its users with one of the lowest transaction commissions. It offers many features such as price warnings and various graphs with its iOS and Android applications.

What Kind of Events Does WhiteBIT TR Organize?

It can be easily found on the WhiteBIT TR website events between; Let’s learn a little about this exchange, which has found a place in the hearts of explorers by organizing events starting with the BTC Halving event, which will end on May 7, and extending to the award-winning Dogecoin and WhiteBIT TR mobile application activities for users who have not made their first transaction, both of which will end on May 5.

What Does WhiteBIT Offer in Terms of Security?

The well-established European stock exchange, which carries out its operations with full authority in the Republic of Lithuania, Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic. WhiteBITAt the same time, while gaining the trust of its 5.5 million users with its PCI DSS and ISO/IEC certificates, it continues to care for its users 24/7 by storing 96% of its platform’s assets in cold wallets, and is among the 3 safest exchanges with the highest AAA security level received by the independent auditing organization CER.live. By entering, it leaves no doubt in mind.

WhiteBIT TR, which maintains AML controls and carries out routine checks on every transaction, always prioritizes safety and ensures that trades are always supported at the highest level with its powerful trading engine that processes 1.5 million requests per second.

WhiteBIT, which is among the top 6 crypto exchanges in CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap and has a daily volume of 103.67 billion TRY, also has over 1000 experts and over 1000 corporate customers, and 44.7 million monthly site and application users can happily trade over 350 trading pairs.

So what are the advantages of WhiteBIT TR?

With WhiteBIT TR, which makes it possible to deposit and withdraw TL with 0 commission, you can make transactions of up to 10 million TL per day from Turkish banks in a single bank, use the personalized deposit limits provided for businesses through the KYB process, and use more than 40 transaction pairs specific to TRY, the number of which is increasing day by day. You can trade as much as you want with deep liquidity pools.

Corporates who want to benefit from WhiteBIT TR’s deep liquidity by integrating a flexible API into their businesses can complete their transactions easily and quickly with the support provided by experts who follow every stage of this process.

What’s Available for Those Who Want Passive Income?

With WhiteBIT’s own WhiteBIT Coin (WBT) and Whitechain Blockchain, you can benefit from commission discounts along with free daily AML checks and ERC-20 withdrawals by holding WBT in a Holding or Account.

The most interesting part is that users can earn passive returns of up to 22% by keeping their WBT on Whitechain, while at the same time automatically protecting their funds against inflation.

WhiteBIT TR Cares About All Its Users

Apart from the large-scale prizes we see in every exchange, WhiteBIT TR organizes local events that Turkish users can participate in, and this greatly increases the chance of winning.

Users can easily find information about the latest events as soon as they enter the WhiteBIT TR page or mobile application, and the support team provides answers within minutes and is always helpful in any matter.

We look forward to much bigger steps for this new organization that puts Turkish citizens and Turkey first.

Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/avrupanin-lider-kripto-borsasi-whitebit-yerel-borsasi-whitebit-tr-ile-turkiyede/

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