The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia announced the Hassan Wirajuda Pelindungan WNI Award (HWPA) 2023 to express its recognition to individuals who have dedicated themselves to the protection of Indonesian citizens abroad. This year, the HWPA honors 23 notable individuals/entities, including the Head of Indonesian Missions Abroad, Indonesian mission counterparts, Indonesian mission staff, civil society, journalists, etc.

In her speech, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi expressed her gratitude to all the awardees for their invaluable contribution to the protection of Indonesian citizens abroad.

«Tonight we have gathered here to pay tribute to the protectors who have worked in a humanitarian spirit, tirelessly, going beyond the call of duty. Their positive contribution has been instrumental in supporting Indonesia’s foreign policy priority over the past decade,” said Minister Retno.

«I congratulate you and thank you for your dedication, your active contribution and your sincerity in guaranteeing the protection of citizens abroad. The work of the 2023 HWPA awardees truly motivates us to do our best for our nation,” he added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized the complex challenges in ensuring the protection of Indonesian citizens, from natural disasters and conflicts to the constantly evolving modus operandi of transnational organized crime.

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This is demonstrated by the constant increase in the number of cases, which has gone from 35,149 in 2022 to 53,598 in 2023, which is equivalent to an increase of more than 50% in one year.

In 2023, Indonesia successfully repatriated 1,119 Indonesians from different emergency situations such as conflicts and natural disasters. Furthermore, a growing trend of online scams is also observed in the region. Since 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has registered 3,428 Indonesian citizens as victims of online scams.

“It is imperative that we join forces in the fight against human trafficking, to ensure that our region does not become a safe haven for the perpetrators of this crime,” declared the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He stressed the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration and a comprehensive approach. It is essential to strengthen prevention measures, including intensifying the safe migration campaign, improving pre-departure procedures for Indonesian migrant workers and promoting inter-sectoral coordination.

In 2023, Indonesia successfully repatriated 1,119 Indonesians from different emergency situations such as conflicts and natural disasters

The HWPA has been granted since 2015 to 178 individuals and institutions, constituting 9 different categories, namely, heads of Indonesian missions, staff of Indonesian missions, counterparts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, counterparts of Indonesian missions abroad, local governments, journalists/media/influencers, civil society, public service initiatives in Indonesian missions and law enforcement officials/legislators.

On that occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also publicly presented a book titled “Extending the presence of the State to the ends of the world” which summarizes the journey of the Hassan Wirajuda Pelindungan WNI Award over the last 8 years.

This book not only collects the narratives and reflections of HWPA, but also reflects the application of the fourth paragraph of the preamble of the Indonesian Constitution of 1945, to protect Indonesian nationals through protection diplomacy.


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