Although individual miners, whose number is decreasing day by day, occasionally manage to find blocks on their own. A miner who managed to find the 841,286th block yesterday evening won the transaction fees along with the miner reward of 3,125 BTC.

There was a 0.02 percent chance

The dollar income of this individual miner, who managed to obtain 3.43 BTC in total, exceeded 218 thousand dollars. According to information from the Bitcoin data site Mempool, the chances of this person using individual mining software from the CKpool pool were quite low. The hash rate produced by the individual miner was 120 PH per second. Considering that the hash rate power of the total Bitcoin network is 638 exahashes per second, the miner’s chances of finding the block alone were less than 1 in 5000.

This person, who literally won the 0.02% lottery, is of course not the first in this sense. Many times in the past it has been seen that individual miners found blocks on their own. Even before the halving, a miner found a block alone on April 5 and earned 422 thousand dollars.

As it is known, Bitcoin halving, in which miner rewards were divided into 2, took place on the 840,000th block on April 20. The mining pool called ViaBTC succeeded in finding the first block and sold the first satoshi of the first Bitcoin it earned from here for 2.1 million dollars last week.

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