The Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), led by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, lost three seats in the by-elections of the lower house of the Japanese parliament (Diet).

Japan’s ruling party targeted for financial fraud

The main opposition partyConstitutional Democratic Party of Japan, led by Kenta Izumi, won all three placeson Sunday, by winning the support from less conservative voters.


The PLD lost in the traditionally conservative Shimane prefecture, in Nagasaki and Tokyo.

The elections for Japan’s House of Representatives took place at a time when the PLD has been under intense scrutinyafter some of the group’s factions had refused to declare part of income.

The defeat of the ruling party in Shimane could undermine Kishida’s political position and lead PDL deputies to try to expel the prime minister before the next general electionscheduled for this year, making the politician’s candidacy for party presidency in September unlikely, according to the EFE news agency.

The Kishida Government’s approval ratings have reached their lowest levels since the illicit funds scandal was revealed in October 2021, falling well below 30%, a threshold recognized as the “danger level” for a government.

The scandal concerns irregularities in party financing events by various factions, which for years did not declare millions in fundraisingsome of which were allegedly shared among some members.


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