a famous cryptocurrency Analysis firm Layergg recently shared its views on the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) factors currently affecting the crypto market. The company also revealed potential bullish catalysts that could shape the market in the near future.

Layergg pointed out a few FUDs that emerged after the Bitcoin halving:

  • in may Ethereum Rumors that the spot ETF will be rejected.
  • The USA requests a 36-month prison sentence for CZ.
  • Mt. Gox’s $9 billion Bitcoin refunds.
  • Possible delays in interest rate cuts.
  • The SEC issued a “Wells Notice” to ConsenSys.
  • DTCC “haircut” FUD’u.
  • Forbes’ list of the 20 biggest ‘Zombie Coins’
  • FBI warns against unregistered crypto brokers
  • SEC postpones decision on Bitcoin ETF options

Interestingly, according to analysts, these FUDs emerged right around the time Bitcoin was experiencing its halving.

Layergg noted that pessimistic sentiments began to dominate news feeds, similar to the trend observed last September.

Despite these FUDs, Layergg remains bullish on the crypto market. The company sees the current market conditions as a great opportunity for investors to “fill their baskets”. Layergg argued to investors that markets do not rise in a straight line and that temporary price pullbacks during a bull market are merely ‘healthy’ corrections.

Layergg highlighted several factors that continue to support the bull market:

  • Bitcoin ETF Approval
  • Dencun Upgrade (EIP-4844)
  • Bitcoin Halving’i
  • Rising Stablecoin Market Cap

However, the analysis company shared some trends that may act as a catalyst in the market going forward:

  • Release of AAA Web3 games
  • Global companies entering the crypto space
  • Influx of traditional financial institutions
  • US coinage
  • Approval of Ethereum ETF
  • Upcoming US presidential elections

Layergg concluded his analysis on a note of optimism, saying that “in the end, those who wait patiently will have the last laugh.”

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/halving-sonrasi-9-yeni-fud-ortaya-cikti-arastirma-sirketi-fudlara-karsi-onumuzdeki-donemki-boga-trendlerini-acikladi/

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