In the DePin project, in which many crypto companies such as Solana Ventures, OKX Ventures, Aptos Labs and Sandbox invested, it was revealed that some users attempted to earn from the project’s own token by showing fake GPU power.

Statement from the CEO: 1.8 million fake GPUs arrived

As it is known, DePin projects aim to decentralize physical infrastructure services by taking them away from the monopoly of a certain group. This is where users involved in the relevant project come into play. Users who enter the system with their devices are rewarded for the service they provide. While, which provides graphics processing power, also known as GPU, rewards those who participate in the system with their devices, it was seen that a group was trying to win awards by showing fake GPU power.

Ahmad Shadid, the CEO of the project, said in his statement on the issue that their rapid action caused a mistake, but also stated that the problem was solved:

“Like many startups, we moved quickly, and speed brought errors. Some things were broken but we fixed them up. The problems have been fixed. When a mistake occurred, a group immediately benefited from it. 10 days ago we saw a 1.8 million increase in GPUs. They were trying to connect to the network. These devices were found and they were blocked from entering the system. “We played a cat-and-mouse game for a few days, but we finally solved the problem.”

“IO Coin is also coming”

Shadid also emphasized that’s token distribution process and future goals have not changed with these attacks:

“We are starting the second award period, which will run from May 1 to May 30. Service providers can discuss any issue with us. We are about to launch IO Cloud Version 2 and IO Coin. “Such obstacles will not deter us from our path.”

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