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Live Better Hip-Hop Star Joe Flizzow Shows How To Multitask Like A Boss

Hip-Hop Star Joe Flizzow Shows How To Multitask Like A Boss

Hip-Hop Star Joe Flizzow Shows How To Multitask Like A Boss
By Urumila Thanalingam
September 26, 2017

Gen.T lister, renowned hip-hop artist and founder of Kartel Records Joe Flizzow reveals his passions outside of music.

Hip-hop is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Malaysia. But founder of  independent music label Kartel Records and Gen.T Lister Joe Flizzow is striving to change this perception.

The former member  of award-winning duo Too Phat is a veteran in the music industry. Born Johan Ishak, this Subang native has almost two decades of performing experience to add to his name.

At the moment, Joe is also on a mission to expand the hip-hop music scene for local artists. From promoting hip-hop music in local clubs to scouting and mentoring promising talents, he is fully committed to giving back to the country by building a platform for future hip-hop and rap music artists.

Yet, there is more to Joe than just a hip-hop artist. Here are his passions outside of his involvement in the music scene:


Apart from his endeavours in the music industry, Joe also owns a venture called Joe’s Barbershop. The idea of this venture was inspired by a famous barbershop in Los Angeles named Frank’s Chop Shop. Joe's chain of barbershops is one of the first to revamp the barbershop concept for the modern generation.


One of Joe's favourite things to do is meet fellow artists in the music scene. Singapore's Shigga Shay, South Korea's Jay Park and American rap group Wu-Tang Clan are  examples of likeminded talents that Joe has collaborated with.

Last year, Joe attended a two-week course at Harvard Business School. Sponsored by the Malaysian Film Development Corporation (FINAS), the course covered the business of entertainment, media and sports at the American university in Boston. He was lucky enough to have the privilege of meeting Channing Tatum and LL Cool J for the first time in his class.

It was a dream come true for him to meet American actors and singers up-close and personal, and partake in workshops that focused on collaborations between entertainment and sports.


To find inspiration, Joe often travels all over the globe. Be it to Europe or even to East Asia, Joe expands his network in the region from his travels to make new friends across all industries. Above all, Joe  makes it a point to make an annual trip to the city that never sleeps, New York because he finds the city a haven of inspiration for his music and business. He describes New York as a conducive place for learning and enjoys nothing more than riding the subway or taking a stroll along Central Park.


Joe aspires to involve himself in a project involving sports soon. Inspired by the Johor (JDT) football team that communicates well with fans and rewards its deserving team members accordingly, he wants to help show the country that there are many inspiring athletes hailing from his family's hometown of Johor.

 While his interests are many, he still maintains that he is a musician, first and foremost. He will still be making appearances in concerts; he will also be busy in the studio writing and composing music, of course.

“Music is my first love, but that does not mean I cannot pursue my other passions,” concludes Joe.



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