At a Financial Services Commission meeting attended by Janet Yellen, who is currently the US Treasury Secretary, in 2017, when she was the head of the Fed, the notebook with the words “Buy Bitcoin” written on the back while the cameras were filming it was sold for 16 BTC worth $ 1 million.

The winner of the auction held in a bar in New York was an unnamed person using the nickname “Squirrekkywrath”. In 2017, Christian Langalis, who kept that notebook behind Janet Yellen, also personally attended the auction.

The notebook sold at the event organized through the auction platform Scarce City company also includes other old notes and drawings of Langalis. At that meeting, Langalis was 22 years old and working as an intern at the Cato Institute, a US-based think tank at the time. He also attended the meeting in this capacity.

was thrown out

Langalis, who was holding this notebook to the cameras while yEllen was giving a speech, was later taken out of the hall by the officials. At the time of publication, the Bitcoin price had increased by 4%.

Bitcoin was priced around $2700 in July 2017, when Yellen gave her speech. 5 months later, in December, the price reached 20 thousand dollars, which was a historical record for that period.

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