Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino will begin next Sunday, April 28, an extensive international tour that will take her to visit China, France, Belgium and Portugal until May 7. This trip is of special importance, since it seeks to strengthen Argentina’s insertion in the global scenario, increase trade and national exports, in addition to attracting productive investments for the country.

The first stop on the tour will be the People’s Republic of China, where Mondino will have an intense agenda between April 28 and 30. Accompanied by a large business delegation from various sectors representative of Argentina’s exportable offer, the delegation headed by the chancellor will have an extensive program in the cities of Shanghai and Beijing.

In Shanghai, Mondino will participate in an important trade and investment forum with businessmen from both nations. Later, he will travel to the capital Beijing to hold high-level working meetings with Chinese authorities. Among the planned meetings, the meeting with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, stands out, with whom he will analyze the main issues on the bilateral agenda.

Another key point will be the possible meeting with the vice president of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of China, Wu Weihua. Furthermore, one of the priority economic issues will be the eventual continuity of the swap agreement between the Argentine and Chinese central banks. For this reason, the president of the Central Bank, Santiago Bausili, and the Secretary of Finance, Pablo Quirno, will be part of the delegation.

On the eve of Foreign Minister Mondino’s visit, the Argentine ambassador to China, Marcelo Suárez Salvia, highlighted that the main objective of this mission is to “continue building that bilateral relationship of friendship” with the Asian giant. In addition, he aimed to advance commercial issues by opening new markets, as well as cultural and political issues of common interest.

Mondino prepares his trip to China amid high tensions

Suárez Salvia stated that President Javier Milei’s decision on the BRICS should not be interpreted as a rejection, but as a “pause to evaluate in depth” the opportunity for an action promoted by the previous administration. However, he emphasized that Argentina maintains “excellent bilateral ties” with the founding members of the bloc.

The ambassador expressed his confidence that Argentina and China will continue to successfully develop their cooperation in infrastructure and private investments in areas such as mining and renewable energy. He stressed that the bilateral relationship is “consolidated and based on robust pillars”, predicting a promising future for ties between both countries.

After her stopover in China, Foreign Minister Mondino’s tour will take her to participate in the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, where the announcement of the approval of the Sheet is expected. Route for Argentina’s accession process to that organization. Then, she will visit Brussels to meet with European Union authorities and address bilateral negotiations and the Mercosur-EU Agreement. Finally, in Lisbon, Mondino will meet with the president and prime minister of Portugal to talk about diversification of bilateral trade, cooperation and renewable energy.

With this ambitious tour of four key countries, Argentine diplomacy seeks to decisively promote the country’s insertion into the world, strengthen commercial ties and attract productive investments that contribute to national economic development.


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