The decline of more than $ 3000 in Bitcoin for 2 days has been costly for leveraged positions. More than $60 million long positions were liquidated in Bitcoin in 24 hours. The volatility in the last hour did not benefit short positioners. During this time, a short position of $2.2 million lost money.

The situation was worse in total crypto liquidations. Within 24 hours, a long position of $208 million and a short position of $34 million were liquidated. The total figure exceeded 240 million dollars.

5 million dollars lost in 1 hour

The crypto short position liquidated in the last hour exceeded 5 million dollars. For long positions, this figure was only 450 thousand dollars.

The biggest reason for the price decline in Bitcoin is the fact that inflows to spot ETFs in the USA have stopped in recent days. Yesterday’s figures showed that BlackRock failed to receive investments for the first time in 71 days. ETFs closed yesterday with a net loss of $130 million.

Bitcoin, which broke a record with its price of 73 thousand dollars in March, was traded at approximately 64 thousand dollars at the time the news was written.

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