While a week has passed since the halving, which reduced mining rewards in Bitcoin by half, the first satoshi obtained from the first block was sold for 33.3 BTC, worth approximately $2.1 million. 1 satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, is currently valued at around $0.0065.

As you may remember, in the halving that took place on the 840,000th block, ViaBTC mining pool found this block and achieved the epic sell. The company, which cooperated with the CoinEX exchange, put this epic sell on sale this week. This epic sell, which although only 1 satoshi, is actually worth much more than that, was sold yesterday. No information was given about the person or institution that purchased the epic sale, which started on April 22 and received 34 offers in total.

The second highest bid for the epic sat, which was purchased by paying 33.3 BTC, was 20 BTC.

It is known that some data can be processed on satoshis, especially via the Ordinals protocol. These data, also known as “Inscriptions”, enabled some satoshi to be sold for much more than their expected value. Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals, also divided these satoshis into categories.

Common ones: Blocks without first satoshi
Uncommon: First satoshi obtained from each block
Rare: First satoshi from the first block mined after each difficulty adjustment
Epic (epic): The first satoshi obtained from the first block mined after each halving
Legendary: First satoshi of each cycle
Mythical: The first satoshi of the first Bitcoin obtained from the Genesis block…

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