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The Gen.T List Nix Nolledo
Nix Nolledo
Finance & Venture Capital

Nix Nolledo

Co-founder and Chairman Xurpas
Location: Philippines

Nix Nolledo is tirelessly working on freeing the Internet, most notably through his venture, Xurpas. Xurpas aims to increase access to the Internet by creating and developing content that can be purchased with airtime credit. Nix has come a long way since managing a fast food chain; his empire of over 10 subsidiaries has formed a strategic ecosystem that is shaping the future of mobile technology in Southeast Asia. In 2014, it became the first mobile consumer technology company to be listed in any Southeast Asian Stock Exchange (market cap US$150 million). Additionally, Nix was the first Filipino Entrepreneur chosen by the Endeavor global network, EY 2015 Philippine Entrepreneur of the Year, and one of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) in the Philippines 2015. Moreover, Nix is the founding director of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association, and Digital Commerce Association of Philippines. Additionally, he is an angel investor and has over 30 investments in technology and blockchain companies in Asia and the United States.

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