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Iza Calzado
Philanthropy & Charity
For changing the way Asian women think about themselves

Iza Calzado

Co-founder, and PR and Marketing Director, She Talks Asia
Location: Philippines

A prolific actress, Iza is also the co-founder of She Talks Asia, through which she has proven to be a powerful advocate for female empowerment, particularly in raising awareness of the importance of physical, emotional and mental well-being. The group continues to grow through digital channels and physical conferences, with one on mental health slated for October.

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I felt like I wasn’t using my platform properly—it was all self–serving. I realised my success means nothing if I don’t use it to create a better community around myself, to create a better world
I think the number-one thing we should be teaching our children is to be themselves and to celebrate their bodies—not for what they look like, but rather for what they can do
I always felt like I wasn’t telling the whole truth, because sure I’d lost the weight but the [photoshopped] photos still weren’t always 100 percent me

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