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The Gen.T List Hazel Kweh
Hazel Kweh
Social Entrepreneurship

Hazel Kweh

Co-founder and CEO, BloomBack
Location: Singapore

Hazel Kweh gave up a high-flying career as a financial adviser to set up her social-tech enterprise, BloomBack, and for good reason. Not an ordinary online florist, BloomBack reveals Hazel's mission to make one's flower shopping experience more fun and hassle‑free. For this, the 33-year-old is exploring the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and big data. More importantly, BloomBack is the result of Hazel's dream to create a sustainable and socially conscious company that pays it forward. It does so by creating floral arrangement training workshops for local marginalised communities as well as repurposing flowers from weddings and distributing them to old folks' homes and hospices. For its altruistic business concept, BloomBack recently received a grant from the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise.

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