At the Zhongguancun Forum 2024 (ZGC Forum), important scientific and technological achievements were revealed. The ten achievements announced at the forum’s opening ceremony, held in Beijing, focus on several areas, including photoelectric chip, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, green energy and brain-machine interface (BMI).

At the forum, a demonstration revealed a remarkable feat: a monkey with its hands restrained and a soft filament electrode implanted in its brain can control an isolated robotic arm and grasp a strawberry through its “thoughts.”

The NeuCyber ​​Array BMI system was co-developed by the Chinese Institute of Brain Research (CIBR) Beijing and NeuCyber ​​NeuroTech.

According to Luo Minmin, head of CIBR, ICM serves as the “information highway” for the brain to communicate with external devices, paving the way for cutting-edge technologies for human-machine interaction and human-machine hybrid intelligence.


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