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What are the benefits to being a Gen.T honouree?

  • PR and marketing support for yourself and your business through Gen.T’s media channels.
  • Invitations to exclusive events.
  • Connection with other Gen.T honourees through our dedicated WeChat and Telegram groups. You can also reach out to your local Gen.T editor to be directly connected with Gen.T honourees across the region. 
  • Charities founded or managed by Gen.T honourees are entitled to content and media exposure on the Gen.T platform through the series “Gen.T Supports…”. To get your charity or initiative featured, contact
  • We are pleased to offer our Gen.T honourees a very special rate, the Startup Discount, to showcase their products and services through our media and events. For more information, email


How can Gen.T Honourees contribute to the community?


Become a Gen.T Ambassador

In each territory we have designated ambassadors to help us engage our community. The key responsibilities include:

  • Organising a monthly community building activity by coming up with the theme, concept, moderating the discussions (if any) and inviting guests from the Gen.T List and Tribe. The Gen.T team will support in terms of event logistics. Ambassadors rotate in hosting different months.
  • Initiating and moderating discussions on our Telegram group for a day (such as around a special event).

Apply to be an ambassador here. 


Help us to create our content

Do you have writing and reporting skills? Are you willing to be a guest editor for our weekly newsletter? Are you attending a landmark event and could be our reporter on the ground by doing a social media takeover? If you answered yes to any of these questions, email for more. 


Be featured on our platform

If you think you have a great story or great advice to share, let us know!


Be part of one of our upcoming panels

We host numerous panel discussions throughout the year. Let us know if you’d like to be considered for one by filling out this form, and let us know which topics you would like to speak about.


Be part of one of a content series we are launching

  • Voicemail An audio interview, exclusive to Instagram. We ask honourees to share insight on their industry in a pithy, accessible format. 
  • Gen.T Podcast Be a guest on the upcoming Gen.T podcast, where we interview the young leaders shaping Asia’s future and discuss their entrepreneurial journey, passion and pain points, and the impact they are making. 
  • Dynamic Duos An upcoming video series featuring a duo—co-founders, family members who work together, and so on. We get to the bottom of the professional relationship and explore the dynamics at play. 
  • The Deep Dive Become a guest curator on a special issue of the Deep Dive—our weekly newsletter exploring the people, businesses and ideas shaping Asia’s future. 
  • I Am Generation T An ongoing online interview series in which we ask a series of quick-fire questions to Gen.T honourees across Asia. 


Nominate people to be on the next list.

We take referrals all year round. Help us to identify the next crop of Gen.T honourees by using our public nomination form


Refer Gen.T to potential sponsors and advertisers.

If you know brands or companies who could be interested in supporting the Gen.T platform through sponsorship or advertising, help us spread the word.




What are the benefits to being a Tribe member? 


The Tribe is the panel of industry leaders who nominate and vet candidates for the Gen.T List. What are the benefits to being a Tribe member?

  • Content and PR.
  • Invitation to exclusive events and a chance to network with other Tribe members.
  • If you would like to meet any of our Gen.T honourees to explore partnerships or business opportunities, we are happy to make introductions.
  • Discount to attend the Gen.T Asia Summit.

If you're an investor, but not a Tribe member, and would like to meet any of our Gen.T honourees to explore partnerships or business opportunities, we are also happy to make introductions


How can Tribe Members And Investors contribute to the community?


Host an event for Gen.T honourees.

Whether it’s a mentoring session, lunch and learn or breakfast brainstorming, we welcome your contributions to educate and inspire our Gen.T community.


Be featured on our platform

If you think you have a great story or advice to share, let us know.


Refer other Tribe members

We’re always looking to expand our pool of judges. If you would like to recommend other Tribe members, feel free to contact


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