cryptocurrency The market witnessed interesting data today.

According to on-chain data, Arbitrage (ARB) The number of daily users of its network has been at the top for a long time. Solana’s exceeded the number of daily users.

decision Ethereum’un It is known as a layer-2 network that aims to increase its scalability. Solana, on the other hand, is a layer-1 Blockchain.

When the number of daily active users is examined, 901 thousand Arbitrum users were active in the last 24 hours, while this number was 841 thousand for Solana.

On the other hand, in the race between the two, the Solana network is still ahead of Arbitrum in terms of total key value (TVL). While Solana’s TVL is around 4.14 billion dollars, this data is around 2.56 billion dollars in Arbitrum. However, while Solana’s total market value is $64 billion, Arbitrum’s is only $2.5 billion.

In the race for the number of active users in the last 24 hours, neither altcoin is at the top of the list. Tron is by far the first with 2.13 million users, while Polygon and BSC are in the second and third places, respectively. Then comes Arbitrum and Solana.

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