The Undersecretary of International Economic Negotiations and Integration of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Gabriel Martínez, led a working meeting at the Palacio San Martín with Djatmiko Witkasono, General Director of International Trade Negotiations of the Indonesian Ministry of Commerce, who led a delegation of officials from his country on an official visit to Argentina.

Accompanied by the Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina, Sulaiman Syarif, both parties addressed the possibility of promoting trade negotiations between Indonesia and MERCOSUR, which began at the end of 2021. The main objective lies in deepening Argentina’s insertion in Asian value chains. , similar to the recent signing of the MERCOSUR-Singapore Agreement.

Argentina Indonesia

Within the framework of the bilateral agenda, the importance of the economic-commercial relationship between both nations was highlighted, highlighting the potential to expand and diversify exchanges. Argentine interest in accessing the Indonesian beef and dairy markets was highlighted, as well as the possibility of advancing on food and energy security issues.

The Indonesian Ambassador expressed his country’s interest in talking with Argentina about critical minerals, such as copper and lithium, fundamental for the development of batteries and electric vehicles. Both parties agreed to hold a next bilateral Joint Commission, scheduled for the first half of 2025.

Eramine South America and Tsingshan will inaugurate lithium carbonate plant in Argentina

In the last three years, Argentine exports to Indonesia have maintained an annual average of US$ 1.7 billion, registering a notable trade surplus in favor of the South American country. The total trade exchange between both nations has exceeded US$ 2,000 million.


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