“Expanding your network by participating in exhibitions is very beneficial in helping you gain local and even international partners,” said Ms. Wulan of PT Souvantara Portaveda Gemilang, one of the participants in the 9th Viet Nam International Café Show 2024. This year it is his second participation in the Café Show in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Previously, she also participated in business meeting activities at the Indonesia Festival in Can Tho City, organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in HCMC together with the local government.

Their experiences and the benefits obtained serve as encouragement for other Indonesian participants participating in the Indonesian Pavilion: PT Health Today Indonesia, PT Tamari Agri Lestari and Rasa Group, as well as Van Kim Trading, one of the distributors of Indonesian products in Vietnam.

Indonesian products on display included Arabica and Robusta coffees from Papua, Itjen-Banyuwangi, Toraja, Flores, Lombok, Bali and Kalimantan. The theme of sustainability was also highlighted with the introduction of environmentally friendly organic coffee. In addition, innovative coffee concoctions were introduced such as “Fizzy-Pho”, flavored with “Pho” (Vietnamese dish), and “Spiced Vietnamese Coffee 4.0”, with spices.

The Indonesian pavilion received a warm welcome from visitors during the opening ceremony with a modified Balinese dance performance called “Coffee Dance”, performed by Balinese dancers from Indonesia.

Sundubu-jjigae: spicy Korean stew of soft tofu and seafood

The Indonesian pavilion is among 400 exhibitors from 20 countries and territories participating in the Viet Nam International Café Show 2024, including South Korea, China, Malaysia, Peru and Italy. The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in HCMC, Agustaviano Sofjan, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition on May 9, 2024, together with representatives of the Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Ho Chi City Minh, the Vietrade office in HCMC, the Consuls General in HCMC and the exhibition organizer, Exporum.

This fair is the largest international coffee exhibition in Vietnam and serves as a platform for local and international networking in the coffee, restaurant, food technology and high-tech agriculture sectors. Viet Nam’s economic development, increasing youth population and coffee culture make this country an attractive coffee market with important opportunities for collaboration.

The theme of sustainability was also highlighted with the introduction of environmentally friendly organic coffee

During a meeting with Indonesian participants before the exhibition, the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in HCMC stressed the importance of networking, finding the right local partners and being innovative in taking advantage of opportunities. Indonesian representatives will always be ready to support efforts to match Vietnam’s market opportunities with Indonesia’s potential.

In addition to the exhibition, business meeting activities, the Asian Latte Art Championship and the Vietnam International Barista Championship are also held. The Viet Nam International Café Show took place at Saigon Exhibition Convention Center, HCMC, until May 11, 2024.

Source: https://reporteasia.com/cultura/cocina-asiatica/2024/05/11/promocion-cafe-indonesio-sostenible-innovador-salon-cafe-vietnam-2024/

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