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Trailblazers 5 Inspiring Quotes From Singapore's Generation T 2018 Cover Stars

5 Inspiring Quotes From Singapore's Generation T 2018 Cover Stars

5 Inspiring Quotes From Singapore's Generation T 2018 Cover Stars
By Generation T
May 20, 2018
Generation T 2018 listers Angela Lee, Ho Jia Jian, Annabelle Kwok, Olivia Lee and Chua U-Zyn share what drives them and their vision for the future.
Angela Lee
Angela Lee

“I want to give as much support as I can to young girls and women who are aspiring to not just pursue MMA, but anything really. Achieving your dreams takes so much sacrifice, and a strong support system around you, be it your family, mentors or good friends. I think it’s really important to surround yourself with good people.”

—Angela Lee, professional martial artist and One Women's Atomweight World Champion

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Chua U-Zyn
Chua U-Zyn

“If the internet had been controlled by an authority, and anytime somebody wanted to start an e-commerce business, he had to apply for a license, then it would not be as successful as it is today... I’m trying to bring these concepts of decentralisation and an open economy through blockchain to my clients. It can empower businesses and help spur a lot of innovation. So if you’re trying to create that kind of open ecosystem, then blockchain is for you.”

—Chua U-Zyn, principal consultant of Zynesis

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Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee

“I meet a lot of young people who are struggling with whether to choose the road less taken, or play it safe. Maybe just by existing and trying, that gives them some hope that a creative career is possible... When you see people who look like you doing something that you want to do, you think, ‘I can do it too’. Most importantly, focus on doing good work that speaks for itself.”

—Olivia Lee, design director of Olivia Lee

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Ho Jia Jian (left) with Viddsee co-founder Derek Tan
Ho Jia Jian (left) with Viddsee co-founder Derek Tan

“More people will create content as film-making equipment becomes more accessible, and I hope they will be inspired not just by Hollywood, but also by the local content they watch. We already see this new generation rising up, and that’s really exciting for us...Our community drives a lot of the decisions we make, and we’ve built everything to be digital first, because that’s where the next billion people are going to be.” 

—Ho Jia Jian, co-founder and CEO of Viddsee

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Annabelle Kwok
Annabelle Kwok

“I want to make it easy and affordable for smaller businesses to use AI, because if you just increase their profit by a bit, they can pay their staff more and that will make a bigger difference to lower- and middle-income families who want to, for example, give their kids a better education. There’s a big impact to be made there.”

—Annabelle Kwok, founder and CEO of NeuralBay

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Take a look behind the scenes at our cover shoot in the video below:



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