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The Gen.T List Clive Lee
Clive Lee
Philanthropy & Charity

Clive Lee

Founder, Phoenix Foundation
Location: Hong Kong

Now, the founder of Phoenix Foundation, Clive was also the former CEO of Yidan Prize Foundation, it is the world’s largest education award. The award aims to discover and recognise innovative educators making an impact in the fields of education research and development. The prize was established by Charles Chen Yidan, co-founder of Tencent, but it was Clive Lee’s monumental task to manage the selection of two honourees every year to receive the Yidan Prize gold medal and HK$30 million each in funding. Under his leadership, the foundation has expanded to 34 territories over the past two years. In addition to this role, Clive has founded a number of social initiatives including Dragonation, a network of young Chinese professionals with 2,000 members from 30 regions; Envision Hong Kong, which offers mentorship to underprivileged youth to inspire them to become young leaders; and Global Exchange In Leadership Initiatives, a network of youth organisations empowering social change. He is also currently honing his international leadership skills, studying in the EMBA Global Asia programme.

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