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The Gen.T List Chow Paredes
Chow Paredes

Chow Paredes

Co-Founder, ZipMatch
Location: Philippines

While most of her family drummed to the beat of the law, Chow’s rhythm was more the real estate kind of pace. In keeping with the digital age, the yoga lover developed and established a Philippine tech startup, ZipMatch, in 2012. The website is a real estate marketplace influential in moving inventory of residential condominiums for sale and rent. Chow has since raised around US $5M (Php 250M) from local and international investors. To this go-getter, success is the fulfillment of one's purpose, in whatever shape or form—and achieved it she certainly has. Believe it or not, Chow was not “techie” when she started. “I’m proud to be at the forefront of innovating Philippine real estate through technology,” she says. As it is with the dog-eat-dog world of startups, Chow is perpetually faced with the challenges of later stage investments and sustainable growth, everything happening at full-speed. “With my journey as a tech entrepreneur, I want be a conduit for traditional real estate professionals and businesses to realise that consistent innovation is imperative for the industry.”

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