Martín Loeb, a true visionary in the business and gastronomic field, has left an indelible mark on the international food industry for more than two decades in addition to being a career computer scientist who worked at IBM and a new project manager at Nidera for 8 years. . His career is a testament to innovation, leadership, and a tireless passion for process and quality. These attributes have not only guided his professional career, but have also cemented his reputation as a world-renowned figure in the sector.

Since its inception, Martín stood out for his ability to anticipate market trends and capitalize on innovative opportunities. His story as an entrepreneur began with NatureCrops, a company that he co-founded and where he served as leader for 13 years. Under his leadership, NatureCrops transformed from a visionary idea to a tangible reality, emerging as a leader in the production of value-added quinoa-based foods. Back then, betting on quinoa was considered a risk, but Martín saw the potential of this superfood long before it became a popular element in healthy diets globally.

With operations started in Argentina and quickly extended to Brazil, the United States, Dubai and the Netherlands, NatureCrops achieved an impressive reach, marking a presence on four continents. This expansion was a reflection of the innovative approach and execution capacity of Martín, who led the company to become a benchmark for quality and innovation.

Martín’s commitment to excellence was recognized nationally and internationally. A notable milestone in his career occurred in 2010, when NatureCrops was awarded the La Nación-Banco Galicia Award for Agricultural Excellence. This prestigious recognition not only validated the superior quality of NatureCrops products, but also highlighted the sustainable and scalable business model that Martín helped develop, setting an important precedent in the agri-food industry.

As one of the pioneers in the quinoa trade in the world of value-added products, he was a reference for many entrepreneurs who continued to develop products based on quinoa and other superfoods. He was always a great advisor and reference point for those entrepreneurs who were taking their first steps in the exciting industry.

Beyond NatureCrops, Martín spent 19 years leading AMS Foods International SA as its president. During his tenure, he focused on consolidating the company as a key player in global food niche markets where multinationals do not enter. Under his leadership, AMS Foods not only prospered, but was also distinguished by its emphasis on product quality and authenticity, principles that Martín deeply valued.

Martin was also known for his holistic approach to leadership. He strongly believed in the importance of a robust corporate culture and creating long-term value for both employees and shareholders. This philosophy was reflected in AMS Foods’ human resources practices, where he implemented innovative programs for the professional and personal development of his teams, ensuring a motivating and ethical work environment.

Martín Loeb has also had a significant impact on the agricultural development of Argentina, especially in the province of Salta. Between 2004 and 2007, Martín undertook an ambitious project to develop productive bean fields in this region, known for its favorable climate and soil for this type of crop.

Martín’s work in Salta was not limited to the cultivation of beans. In 2005, in a pioneering initiative, it partnered with the government of Salta to launch a joint project to produce quinoa, a crop then relatively unknown in Argentina, but recognized for its numerous nutritional properties and its adaptability to different environmental conditions. This project was developed in the Calchaquí Valleys, an area that extends from Cafayate to La Poma, taking advantage of the altitude and unique climate of the region, which are ideal for quinoa.

This quinoa project was especially significant because it represented a state-private collaboration, a model of joint work between the government and the private sector to promote local agricultural development. Martín and the government of Salta shared resources, technical knowledge and financing for this venture, which was a notable example of how alliances between different sectors can drive innovation and economic growth.

The implementation of these projects had multiple benefits for the region. They not only diversified and enriched local agricultural production with crops of high nutritional and economic value, but also promoted rural development, offering new employment opportunities and improving the living conditions of local farmers. Additionally, Martín’s focus on crops like quinoa helped position Salta on the map as an innovative agricultural region, capable of adapting to global market trends and adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

Martin Loeb

This period in Salta is just one chapter in Martín Loeb’s long and distinguished career, but it highlights his vision and his ability to integrate public and private efforts in projects that not only seek economic success, but also social well-being and sustainable development. .

Furthermore, He was one of the few Argentine entrepreneurs who dared to issue a Negotiable Obligation on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange back in 2014.

His strategic vision included diversifying the company’s business interests. Martín led the expansion into new markets and product categories, including organic foods and vegan, gluten-free options, certifying them Kosher and Halal, thus responding to the growing consumer demand for sustainable and ethically produced food products.

Martin Loeb is a mentor to many young entrepreneurs, providing guidance and support to the next generation of leaders in the food industry. His commitment to mentoring was a fundamental part of his legacy, firmly believing in training and talent development as pillars for the future of the sector.

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