Kris Marszalek, CEO of Cryptocom exchange, participated in the broadcast of Bloomberg from the US media. Stating that they have reached 100 million customers as an exchange and that they want to reach 250 million people in the next possible bull season, Marszalek stated that the declines are normal.

“I expect a serious move after the halving”

Referring to the importance of the eagerly awaited halving in Bitcoin, Cryptocom CEO stated that the current declines are almost no different from previous periods:

“We see that the sector is growing rapidly with ETFs. It is also important that these investments coincide with the halving… Crypto does not currently act independently of monetary policy or stock prices. Geopolitical tensions also affect crypto. I think the rise will start again after the halving. “This has happened in past cycles as well.”

“Everything will have changed in 6 months”

Stating that the charts in the markets should not be looked at every day, the manager stated that everything may have changed in 6 months and investors should remain calm:

“Things don’t change in 1-2 days. We cannot look at the market this way. The effect of halving on supply is not in the short term, but in the long term. We may be in a period of decline right now. I think Bitcoin is an asset that should be held not for years, but perhaps for decades. Therefore, I advise investors to remain calm. “I think after 6 months everything will have changed.”

“We target 250 million customers”

Stating that Cryptocom exchange has hired more than 700 people since November and that they are preparing for the possible bull market ahead, the CEO gave information that they are targeting a customer base of 250 million people:

“We currently have more than 100 million customers. In this possible bull cycle, our target is 250 million people… We have hired more than 700 people since November. We have completed our regulatory steps in many countries. We are considering hiring 500 people for customer service and more than 200 people for corporate positions. We approach growth very seriously. “We have taken very important steps in branding.”

“2 years of work yielded results in South Korea”

Stating that they have set serious targets in the Far East market and have taken the last steps in this sense in South Korea, Marszalek said:

“South Korea is actually a country that other countries cannot enter easily… This has always been the case throughout history. We managed to get an associate degree after a long process of 2 years. “We are the world leader in crypto cards and we will offer this product to our South Korean customers as well.”

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