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A Korean Air Lines plane grazed another Cathay Pacific Airways plane at New Chitose Airport, on the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan. It is the second accident of its kind in the country after earlier this month at Tokyo International Airport having been the scene of a spectacular collision between two planes that left five dead.

Tuesday’s accident occurred when the Korean Air Lines plane was preparing to take off, according to Reuters, citing a spokesperson for the airline. Japanese broadcaster NTV says that there are currently no reports of injuries.

Collision between two planes in Tokyo: 379 people from the Airbus got out safely, five died on the Coast Guard aircraft

The case comes precisely two weeks after a Japan Airlines plane carrying almost 400 people on board and departing from New Chitose Airport collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft while landing at Tokyo International Airport in Haneda.

The 379 passengers and crew on the commercial plane managed to get out safely, but the five people on board the Coast Guard plane died. The commander of this aircraft was found alive, but was seriously injured.



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