Los medical professors from hospitals affiliated with Seoul National University (SNU), who work as experienced doctors in hospitals, have decided to end their indefinite strike.

On Monday, hundreds of senior doctors at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) in Seoul and its three affiliated hospitals began an indefinite strike to protest the government’s increase in medical school admission quotas.

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73.6% of teachers vote to stop the strike and seek a “sustainable protest”, while the KMA threatens an indefinite strike

In a vote on whether to continue the strike next week, 73.6 percent of 948 teachers said they should stop the suspension of operations and find a “sustainable way to protest,” according to their emergency response committee. On the other hand, 20.3 percent voted in favor of continuing the strike.

The strike occurred while a majority of trainee doctors have left their workplaces since the end of February in protest against the increase in quotas, and some community doctors affiliated with the South Korean Medical Association (KMA) carried out a one-day strike on Tuesday.

The KMA, the country’s main doctors’ pressure group, has threatened to launch an indefinite strike next week to further pressure the Government to accept its conditions.

Source: https://reporteasia.com/region/corea-del-sur/2024/06/23/los-profesores-de-medicina-de-la-snuh-deciden-terminar-su-huelga-indefinida/

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